About Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria

Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria© is a development concept that uses solar energy to support the living conditions of people living in organized communities like housing estates. This concept development works in partnership with Geometrix Homes and Estates ltd. (GHEL)to develop and implement housing and power solutions that meet the needs and requirements of its unique and special clients across the country.

Board of Trustees Members


To be a one-stop shop for development and deployment of renewable energy in Nigeria 

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To promote efforts aimed at reducing green house emmissions of old and new urban areas in Nigeria

Introduction to what we do

Access to affordable, reliable, and competitive energy is a huge challenge in Nigeria and provides great opportunities for service providers that have the appropriate and necessary solutions adapted to our unique socio-economic, political, environmental, technological, and legal realities. Nigerian energy consumers demand for a supply that meets their needs when and where they require it.
With a population of over 170 million people and growing, the increasing appetite for more power in Nigeria is clear. Currently, Nigeria has an installed generation capacity of about 12.5GW dominated by thermal and hydro generation installations. However, it is only able to generate, transmit, and distribute about 4GW worth. This translates to about an average access rate of 45% or rural access rate of 36% and urban access rate of 55%, leavingabout 20 million households that have no access to power. In a country with a projected housing deficit of about 17 million, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity for providing the appropriately priced housing and the requisite energy solutions to power these homes. 


Partner Organizations

Through the synergy of strategic corporate partnerships, we are building a worthwhile future


Housing Units Delivered

We have a vision to create sustainable energy powered housing in every city in Nigeria


Building Professionals aboard

We are powered by team work  Architects, builders, Energy consultants, brokers etc

Our Value Proposition

A summary of our partnership referendum to you

Working with our partners, Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria© seeks to provide a one stop hub for housing and energy solutions in Nigeria. The value of our proposition to our partners lies in the return on investments, excellence in service, standard of quality, reliability, cost competitiveness, and durability of our inspired solutions.
 The uniqueness and ingenuity of our inspired technology options, financing model, operation and maintenance model structure, product guarantee, and quality of service is the distinguishing and determinant factor that influences the implementation of all approaches which we inspire.

Project Requirements

A simple rule of thumb when embarking on a solar project is understanding it takes 100 sqft for every 1kW of solar panels. Extrapolating this, a 1 MW solar PV power plant should require about 100000 sqft (about 2.5 acres, or 1 hectare). 1 acre of land is equal to 43,560 Sq ft.
The goal here is to provide power solutions that are completely off grid. While solar has been and remains the model for operation in our solution provision because of its increasing cost competitiveness and technology efficiency, we’ve considered other equally viable options such as wind, highly efficient diese generators, mini hydro, biomass etc


Several funding options have been identified to facilitate the implementation of the energy solutions projects in Nigeria. They include accessing grants that provide financing for inception or validation projects. Potential sources include: ADfID funded Solar Nigeria Programme, International Solar Cities Iniitiative, Nextier Power., the World Bank etc Consumer financing options will include:
- Onetime payment by housing off takers on purchase of homes
- Lease to own Payment plan
- Pay as you go structure spread over a certain tenure
For each of the solution options, there will be an operation and maintenance structure post deployment that manages the daily deployment of power solutions.

We are eager to synergize

  1. To promote efforts aimed at reducing the green house emission of old and new urban areas that is consistent with the long term sustainability projections.
  2. To promote solution aimed at improving the housing stock in Nigeria in a way that does not compound the inadequate power supply problem in the country.
  3. To create opportunities for employment by encouraging vibrancy in the developing areas of the country.
  4. To ensure future existence by committing ourselves to issues of sustainable development and renewable energy.
  5. To be the one stop shop for research and development of new ideas and solution that will enhance the capacity of the building, a sustainable development activities.
  6. Top engage cities in Nigeria for the purpose of achieving power generation in a sustainable and efficient manner.
  7. To collaborate with other organisations within and outside the country towards the achievement of the above stated goals.

Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria


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