Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria

Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria© is a development concept that uses solar energy to support the living conditions of people living in organized communities like housing estates. This concept development works in partnership with relevant stakeholders to develop and implement housing and power solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the general populace across the country

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What we do

Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria SCRIIN© partners with relevant stakeholders to confront and provide a solution to the twin problem of inadequate power supply and improvement of the national housing stock in Nigeria. SCRIIN© will undertake its objectives through this partnership by working with and partnering with various organized stake holders to inspire solar powered housing estates across the country creating several investment opportunities that will in turn generate jobs for various categories of workers across the country. 

Current Projects

Explore On-going SCRIIN inspired projects in Nigeria


Solarcity Enugu

The solarcity Enugu is located at the Emene industrial / residential area. It is a 170-plot estate on 14 hectares of land in Enugu.


Solarcity Umuahia

The solarcity Umuahia is located in the heart of Abia state, Nigeria. It is sitting on a 3 hectare plot well planned and ongoing


Solarcity Owerri

Our upcoming solarcity Owerri will be a trail blazer in the Imo state real estate sector. It will house well over 150 housing units and will..

Project Requirements

A simple rule of thumb when embarking on a solar project is understanding it takes 100 sqft for every 1kW of solar panels. Extrapolating this, a 1 MW solar PV power plant should require about 100000 sqft (about 2.5 acres, or 1 hectare). 1 acre of land is equal to 43,560 Sq ft.
On the average, the typical Nigerian family residing in an urban city can consume about 2.5kwH-6.5kWH of energy measured at an instant depending on the time of day, size of family home, income level of the family, number of appliances in the home, etc. Hence, for a 10 Hectare space that can accommodate up to 150 homes or more, a minimum of 1 Hectare space is required for ....Read more

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Partner Organizations

Through the synergy of strategic corporate partnerships, we are building a worthwhile future


Housing Units Delivered

We have a vision to create sustainable energy powered housing in every city in Nigeria


Building Professionals aboard

We are powered by team work  Architects, builders, Energy consultants, brokers etc

With a population of over 170 million people and growing, the increasing appetite for more power in Nigeria is clear. We are open to Adaptation and Implementation of Renewable Energy Solutions in Housing Estates on a Partnership Basis. 

Meet the Individuals who are making it happen

We are committed to promote solutions aimed at improving the housing stock in Nigeria in a way that does not compound the inadequate power supply problem in the country.


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Solar Cities Reform Initiative in Nigeria


The Governor of Enugu State, Chief Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has pledged to support the construction of the first solar powered estate being built by CBN Cooporative in partnership with Geometrix Homes and Estates Ltd., in Enugu. ..Read more

CBN Cooperative Begins Construction of Multi-million Estate in Enugu, State government supports.. Read more


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