SCRIIN - Organizational Structure

The management of SCRIIN shall be vested in the executive which shall consist of no more than nine(9) members in good standing of the initiative. The executive shall also have the right to nominate and elect honorarry members of the executive and to form a SCRIIN cities advisory council.

The executive shall plan, cordinate promote and develop the work of SCRIIN in a manner that achieves the objectives of the initiative in comformity with such bye-laws, policies and rgulations as are and may be adopted by the executive.

The officers of SCRIIN will be the chair, deputy chair, research chair, city liason officer, treasurer and secretary. The SCRIIN chair shall preside at meetings of the executive. The SCRIIN chair shall provide leadership and development of SCRIIN policies in cordination wit the executive. The SCRIIN chair shall have power to create, appoint and discharge all SCRIIN committees.

The deputy chair shall assist the SCRIIN chair in the guidance and cordination of SCRIIN. The deputy chair shall carry out any other duties assigned by the SCRIIN chair. In the absence of or in the event of incapacity of the SCRIIN chair, the deputy chair shall assume the duties of the SCRIIN chair.

The secretary shall prepare and transmit minutes of executive meetings to executive members. The secretary shall prepare an annual summary of SCRIIN efforts to be transmitted to the executive and general members, along with the treasurers annual financial report and membership report prior to the annual meeting.

The treasurer shall save and dsburse SCRIIN funds, collate SCRIIN dues and donations. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual financial report to include a current balance sheet and an income statement reflecting the preceding twelve(12) months of SCRIIN operations to be transmitted to the executive and secretary (who still distributes it to the general membership) one month prior to the annual meeting.

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